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Body Sculpting and Toning in Baker Street

Belle Cour Baker Street, proudly presents EMBODY™. This groundbreaking service aids you in achieving two incredible benefits—building muscle and burning fat at the same time!
EMBODY™ introduces the pioneering non-invasive buttock toning procedure while exhibiting proven effectiveness in reducing visceral fat.

Abs Toning with EMBODY™

Looking to sculpt your abs without surgery or downtime? EMBODY™ offers an innovative, non-surgical solution that not only burns fat but also builds muscle in the abdominal area. Using patented HIFEM® magnetic field energy, EMBODY™ triggers deep and intense muscle contractions, mimicking an extensive workout in just one 30-minute session.

  • Effortless Workout: Experience the equivalent of 20,000 squats or sit-ups at 90% efficacy without the hassle of pre/post-treatment preparation or recovery time.
  • Effective Results: Achieve strengthened, well-defined muscles and disrupted fat cells for long-lasting outcomes.
  • Additional Benefits: Improved posture, reduced back pain, and an increase in confidence are some reported benefits by satisfied patients.

Butt Lift with EMBODY™

Enhance your gluteal region without incisions or injections! EMBODY™ is the first non-surgical buttock toning procedure that directly stimulates muscles, providing remarkable results without invasive procedures.

  • Muscle Stimulation: EMBODY™ induces muscular contractions, contributing to increased strength and tone in the buttocks, elevating even the fittest individuals’ workouts.
  • Efficient Solution: Benefit from the equivalent of 20,000 squats or sit-ups at 90% efficacy within a 30-minute session, minus the need for recovery time.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Subject to clinical trials and scientific studies, BTL Aesthetics’ EMBODY™ is backed by proven results for muscle building and contraction, setting it apart in the market.

These sections can help introduce and detail the benefits of EMBODY™ for both abs toning and buttock lifting on the webpage, highlighting its unique features and proven effectiveness

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