To ensure you get the best from your LASHUS extension treatment please ensure you:

  • Inform your lash artist of any changes in your medical record and / or pregnancy or sensitivity to lash treatments
  • Avoid serums, waterproof mascara and any oily products around the lashes and eye area for 24 hours before the treatment
  • On the day of treatment DO NOT arrive with make up on the lashes
  • Contact lenses must be removed before the treatment.


  • Not to rub or disturb your lash extensions as this could cause premature shedding of lashes
  • Avoid extreme heat or steam and do not fully submerge lashes in water for 24 hours
  • Do not apply mascara and only remove eye make-up with LASHUS Eye Make-Up Remover
  • Make sure you return for regular maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks



To ensure that you get the best from your LASHUS treatment, we recommend advise the following before the treatment:

  • Please let us know if have any medical changes and or are pregnant.
  • Please avoid the use of waterproof mascara, lash serums and oily products around the eye area 24 hours before the appointment. These can leave a barrier on the lashes, preventing the Lift and Fix Lotions from being able to penetrate into the bonds.
  • Please try and arrive wearing no mascara on your lashes. Stubborn mascara can take a while us to carefully remove which can affect the appointment time.
  • Please remove your contact lenses before the treatment commences. This is essential for health and safety reasons.
  • Please note that you will not be able to get your lashes wet for 24 hours after the treatment. Due to this you may want to wash your hair etc. before the treatment.


  • Please keep your lashes dry for 24 hours after the treatment. Water can affect the bonds of the lashes while they are still setting and add weight onto the lashes, causing the lift to drop. This means no hair washing, No mascara, No lash conditioning serums, No sweating at the gym etc.
  • Please comb your lashes upwards regularly throughout the first 24 hours to encourage the lift as it sets.
  • After the first 24 hours, it is recommended to should use the Lash and Brow Elixir daily to promote healthy lash growth and keep their lashes in top condition.
  • Please avoid coming into contact with steam for 48 hours. Steam can interfere with the bonds of the lashes while they are setting, especially combined with the additional heat. Avoiding steam for the first two days is the best way to ensure a long-lasting lift that doesn’t drop.
  • Please do not rub or disturb your eyelashes for 48 hours after the treatment as they are still setting into place. Rubbing the lashes can cause them to set and grow out in a messy ‘criss-crossed’ position.