Staying beautiful can be a tough job that requires lot of work, particularly when it comes to keeping your skin smooth and clean. Waxing is an essential part of a good beauty regime, giving you that super smooth skin that is soft to the touch.

Today, men and women alike prefer fuss-free skin at least on their arms and legs. At Belle Cour, we provide the right setting with expert skin specialists who make waxing an experience in itself.

And if it’s your first time waxing, don’t worry! Our trained professionals will put you at ease the moment you walk through our door.

We offer waxing for both men and women for:

  • Full face
  • Full body
  • G-string
  • Hollywood
  • Brazilian

Our experts aim to minimise any discomfort experienced during the process as well, so you look and feel your best.

A deep cleanse is followed up with relaxing massages and skin-type-specific wraps and peels.

Belle Cour also offers physical and chemical exfoliation treatments with microderm and a brightening peel, giving you a fabulous age-less makeover!

And if you’re in the mood for more, our team of beauty professionals will work their magic on your scalp, chest and back as well.

If you wish to customise certain treatments or have skin conditions that require special attention or care, do inform us at the time of appointment so we can do our best to accommodate your requirements.