The power of touch can be a miraculous thing.

When you need to unwind, relax your mind and rejuvenate your body, a massage can make a world of difference. A relaxing rubdown can help ease tense muscles, boost your immunity, relieve stress and revive your senses. It can also work wonders for your circulation and get rids of painful water-retention.

So when you’re in the mood to give yourself some well-deserved downtime, drop in at Belle Cour. Our professional massage therapists will work their magic to make sure you leave completely revived. Our masseurs are trained to give your body the TCL it deserves, getting you feeling your best.

At Belle Cour we offer all kinds of body treatments thoughtfully designed to recharge you – top to toe.

Our massage treatments include:

  • Full-body massages (these can be clubbed with facials as well)
  • Shoulder, arm and torso massages
  • Lower body massages
  • Sports massages (specially designed to recharge muscles with spasm-soothing oils and deep tissue treatments)
  • Massages for new mums (including tummy-toning treatments) and soon-to-be moms (using prenatal-approved products to improve circulation and reduce swelling)
  • Reflexology treatments (foot massages designed to stimulate circulation)
  • Express treatments (half-hour, targeted treatments for those aching spots)

Whether you pick a full body or targeted massage, you can be sure our massage therapists will expertly get that circulation going and detox every inch. We knead, stretch and acu-press to ease out those knots and strained muscles, making sure you feel ready to take on the world.

If you have specific medical needs, do let our therapists know prior to your appointment, so we can customise your treatment.

So take a load off and come relax. You can book an appointment at Belle Cour by simply filling in the short form below.